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Since February 2014 we've been posting delicious, healthy meals, made easy and from scratch with ingredients lists, methods, photos and taking time to answer all questions that we receive. In that time we have built up our social media pages to over 400,000 members following our healthy Rubs & Recipe kit meals. All of our recipes have been designed to be as lean & as healthy as possible without compromising in flavour.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients, the simplicity of our recipes and the fact that we keep cooking as healthy as possible.

Our kits are designed to make cooking from scratch as easy and quick as possible as well as being healthy, cook amazing dishes from around the world such as Bolognese, Chinese chicken Chow Mein and Chilli Con Carne to Doner Kebab


JD Seasonings is a company you can trust, we take an enormous amount of pride in what we do.
We only use top quality ingredients and blend the ingredients perfectly to our own secret recipes using strict procedures to ensure the quality is maintained.

It’s very rewarding when we receive comments and messages stating how nice, tasty and easy to follow the recipes are. We know how difficult and time consuming preparing meals from scratch can be as well as expensive so our aim is to make it even easier and without having to buy lots of different herbs and spices.

At JD Seasonings we love to see our customers creations on social media, you can make it easier for us to find your meals made with JD Seasonings by using the hashtag #jdseasonings


2020 Guild of fine food great taste results

This year has been an amazing year for JD Seasonings winning a magnificent 7 great taste awards as well being awarded a great taste producer award, all of us at JD Seasonings couldn't be more proud.
These results take us to an amazing 14 great taste awards in only 3 years.

In 2018 we entered the prestigious Guild of Fine Foods great taste awards for the first time in which we won 4 awards, the winners were our...

Chips & Wedges - Gold Star
Chicken Rub - Gold Star
Jamaican Jerk - Gold Star
Minted Lamb rub - Gold Star

We then entered again in 2019 winning 3 more awards for our...

Steak Rub - Gold Star
Chicken Rub - Gold Star
Jamaican Jerk - Gold Star

Our 2020 great taste award winners are...

Doner Kebab - Gold Star
Chicken Rub - Gold Star
Fajita - Gold Star
Louisiana Creole - Gold Star
Cajun - Gold Star
Steak Rub - Gold Star
Mexican Rub - Gold Star
AND the Great Taste Producer award.


These are all very proud moments for us because as with all of our blends they are created by us to our very own recipes, blended from raw ingredients by ourselves and packed by ourselves, we do NOT by any in pre-blended mixes at JD Seasonings meaning you find the same product anywhere else and our hard work was recognised by winning these awards.

Our blends are what I use in my own kitchen when I prepare meals for myself, friends and family and it’s thanks to these people, who encouraged us along the way, that our blends are now available to buy for people to try our recipes at home.

ALL our Rubs and Recipe Kits are made with 100% natural ingredients. You WON'T find any hidden nasties in any of our kits....