A mission to satisfy... the story so far

Since February 2014 I’ve been posting delicious, healthy meals, made easy and from scratch with ingredients lists, methods, photos and taking time to answer all questions that I receive. In that time I’ve built up 4 different Facebook pages with over 120,000 members following my healthy recipes. All of our recipes have been designed to be as lean & as healthy as possible without compromising in flavour.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients, the simplicity of our recipes and the fact that we keep cooking as healthy as possible.

It’s very rewarding when I receive comments and messages stating how nice, tasty and easy to follow the recipes are. I know how difficult and time consuming preparing meals from scratch can be as well as expensive so my aim is to make it even easier and without having to buy up to 20 different herbs and spices to make a meal that you may not even enjoy.

My blends are what I use in my own kitchen when I prepare meals for myself, friends and family and it’s thanks to these people, who encouraged me along the way, that my blends are now available to buy for people to try my recipes at home.

ALL our rubs and meal kits are hand blended and made with 100% natural ingredients. You WON'T find any hidden nasties in any of our kits. NO MSG, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDITIVES & NO SUGAR, following the same principles as of all my recipes.