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Spring Clean Eating

Feels like a long time since the start of the new year, doesn’t it? It’s easy to make changes to your diet after the excesses of the cold, dark festive season, but – week by week – these can slip and you’ve lost those great habits you developed in January. What if we looked at things from a different...

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It's All White

Veganuary may have sounded a bit unusual a few years ago, but we are getting more and more used to seeing plant-based products in our supermarkets. Non-dairy milk ranges are expanding and it doesn’t feel as strange as it once did to pop an oat or coconut milk in the trolley. It can be hard to argue against moving to a plant-based d...

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(Mind and) Soul Food

Has your time in the kitchen been reduced to getting the food on the table quickly? Do you long for a time when you can truly benefit from the therapeutic value of peacefully peeling, chopping and slicing? At JD Seasonings, we’re here to help you pack as much punch into your food as you can, without relying on fats, salt and sugar,...

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Clever Cooking – Batch It

Is your freezer your best friend? It should be! It’s the perfect way to make the most of reduced stickers in the supermarket, but have you thought of cooking it up before putting it in to freeze. Batch freezing is one of the smartest ways to make the most of your food and your time.  Think about ...

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Thinking of doing a cleanse in January?

Are you kidding? Could you pick a worse time of the year to be hard on your body? It seems like a quick fix and a great way to balance the excesses of Christmas, but you’ll be making sacrifices that you don’t have to for results that you won’t get. How so?Cleansing cuts out the gunk and junk and i...

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Look After The Pounds

At JD Seasonings, we know how to look after our loyal fans – and the run up to Christmas is no exception. Not only are we giving you the chance to buy 2 Luxury Christmas Boxes and giving you one absolutely free of charge, but we’re here to help you through the col...

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Talking Turkey

Is turkey a once-a-year thing in your house? If so, you’re missing an absolute taste sensation that you and yours could be gobbling down (do you see what we did there?). Ditching all meat for a vegan existence might be a step too far for many of us, but what do you do when you run out of things to make with chicken? Well, let&rsquo...

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Spice up your life, how Rogan Josh got its name

The UK’s favourite curry is *drumroll* the Jalfrezi. Sitting at the top of the pops since 2011, the Jalfrezi’s fiery, green chilli has captured our hearts and our tastebuds. With Madras in second place and the creamy Korma dawdling in 4th place, we turn our attention to the UK’s third fa...

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Tikka Chance On Me

When we think of sitting down to a curry, we often think of it as a treat food. A once in a while food. However, have we been overlooking a really easy way in which to make your curry healthier than ever? Lean meat – check Spray oil – check Added vegetables – check...

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