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Spice up your life, how Rogan Josh got its name

The UK’s favourite curry is *drumroll* the Jalfrezi. Sitting at the top of the pops since 2011, the Jalfrezi’s fiery, green chilli has captured our hearts and our tastebuds. With Madras in second place and the creamy Korma dawdling in 4th place, we turn our attention to the UK’s third fa...

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Tikka Chance On Me

When we think of sitting down to a curry, we often think of it as a treat food. A once in a while food. However, have we been overlooking a really easy way in which to make your curry healthier than ever? Lean meat – check Spray oil – check Added vegetables – check...

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Pimp That Pumpkin

Our orange American cousin! While we were bending knives as we cut out eyes from turnips for Halloween lanterns, our friends over the pond were carving through pumpkin flesh like it was butter. We’ve now adopted the pumpkin in the UK, as out go-to lantern of choice but we haven’t really got the hang of what to do with the lef...

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Keep a handle on your oils with cooking sprays

JD Seasonings is committed to ensuring that you can max out on flavour when it comes to your food, but not at cost to your waistline. In an ideal world, things would be simple – fat would either be good or bad. We would understand if we should run, screaming, from the smallest glistening drop, or if we should actively seek out ways of gett...

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How Low Can you go?

It’s been a long, hot-ish summer and you may be feeling the strain – around your waistband. Summer evenings in the garden over a bottle of rosé may have come with a few handfuls of crisps or nuts and who could resist the odd scoop of ice cream in a cone…? As we begin to say goodbye to summer, you might be thinki...

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Have you ever noticed the little stickers that celebrate ‘Great Taste’?

Of course you have – and you’ve probably purchased on the basis of that sticker. At JD Seasonings, we’re very big fans of the ‘Great Taste’ sticker because we’ve discovered some firm food favourites having picked up a ‘Great Taste’ award winner. Our own experiences of tasting some fine &lsq...

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Go on… try something new to you!

In the UK, we’ve come a long way from the meat and two veg that would be the staple of the dinner table. We’ve worked our way through curries and chow miens – they now rank alongside the Great British fish and chips as national favourites – and, sometimes, these options can start to feel a little same-y. Coming up with fr...

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Deciding what to make for tea is just never-ending.

You can triumph one day, with a table of smiling places, only to crash and burn the next day. Similarly, if you have to delight your own tastebuds day after day, you might find yourself sticking to tried and tested favourites, which deliver in terms of getting a plate of food on the table but it doesn’t do much for the sense of lip-smackin...

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Going green the JD way! Are you looking for new and exciting ways to add a bit of oompf to your vegetables?

There are people who can’t stand vegetable and those who only eat vegetables – and they have such a lot in common! While these two tribes might seem poles apart, they’re actually both looking for new and exciting ways to add a bit of oompf to their vegetables. At JD Seasonings, we’ve got something for everyone! Po...

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