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The complex history behind the simplistic Spaghetti Amatriciana

What's better than grabbing a taste of Italy? Bringing the taste into your very own kitchen. Amatriciana sauce is renowned as one of the best-known and most delicious pasta sauces in Roman and Italian cuisine. It originates from a quaint Italian town called Amatrice. The recipe itself is surprisingly simple made with only tomato, bacon a...

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Put a bit of sunshine on your plate!

Whatever the time of year, the delicious aroma of Jamaican jerk pork, chicken, fish and beef will tempt the tastebuds. It’s a little bit of sunshine on your plate, that’s not only exceedingly moorish, but is also a healthy, low fat option. So where did Jerk originate from? During the early seventeenth century, when th...

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The controversial origins of Cajun cooking

Who doesn’t love a steaming hot bowl of gumbo on a cool winter’s night? Cajun food is known for its strong flavours and spice. It relies on spices like bay leaf, bell pepper, black pepper, chilli and cayenne pepper for its characteristic smoky flavour. Our precise blend of cajun spices is a great addition to your kitchen and ...

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The controversial history of the chicken tikka masala

Ah, the chicken tikka masala – is there a dish in the world that is more redolent of the Indian sub-continent? With its sumptuous blend of herbs and spices (including cumin, coriander, chilli, ginger and, of course, garam masala) your tastebuds would swear they were being tickled from the very heart of Punjab, right? Well…...

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How to host the perfect Bonfire Night feast!

Bonfire Night is one of the cosiest times of the year, with cool dark nights perfect for stunning firework displays and huge, warming bonfires. Whether you’re planning to host a bonfire night party, or you want to take a dish to one you’re attending, we have some great suggestions to help you create the most delicious feast. From del...

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Warming dishes perfect for autumn

As we move from summer to autumn and the weather grows colder, we all start craving warmer dishes to get us through the dark nights. Many of the recipes listed on our website are also perfect as left overs eaten up the next day, making for a delicious lunch during your working day. For some of our top autumn recipes, read on below. Chill...

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4 interesting facts about the humble doner kebab

The doner kebab has become a staple of British late-night street food, standing alongside the burger van and the pizza place as the stop-off of choice for after-hours diners. Created in Turkey, the inverted cone of seasoned meat turning slowly on its spit in front of a heating element is a familiar sight on the British high street. Like ...

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Autumnal sausage casserole recipe

With Autumn in full swing, there is nothing like a warming, hearty casserole to brighten up colder, longer nights. With JD sausage casserole seasoning you can create this classic family favourite with minimal prep time and minimal fuss! Ingredients 1 pot of JD Seasonings Sausage Casse...

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Four legends about the origin of chilli con carne

For such a staple American dish, the history of chilli con carne is surprisingly shrouded in mystery. Food historians agree that it did not evolve in Mexico, although it appears to be at least inspired by Mexican cuisine. While the true origin story of chilli con carne is not known, theories abound - here are a few of the more popular ones. ...

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