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3 days ago

Actually amazed at how nice these seasoning kits are. Ive gone into a mull of eating chicken rice and veg to lose weight, i decided to purchase some kits to get me out of my boring food routine as i love to cook and the weight loss has come to a holt. I followed sw for years and read about these online. Food always looked Amazing and great reviews I thought it was too good to be true. These kits go to show you you can eat tasty healthy food without it being boing and plain. Chicken rub is superb and my chips looked and tasted amazing using the chips and wedges seasoning. I have also tried the doner kebab which smelt and tasted exactly like a real kebab it was great for my night shift when everyone else is indulging in dirty refs! Burger blend is also just as yummy. Can't wait to try the other 6 will definatly be buying again.

Melanie Burton
4 days ago

Absolutely love ALL the JD seasonings .....my all time favourite is Doner kebab!!! The doner kebab is as good as the chip shop! Amazing !!! Just ordered a box of 16 to share with Work colleagues as they couldn’t believe how good my lunch tasted !! I also loved the take away bundle with all the take away boxes .....good fun!! Thank you JD for making evening meals so easy!!

Julie Crerar
6 days ago

The jambalaya is delicious. I have never tried it before but it tastes just like the kfc spicy rice you get in their rice boxes. I would definitely recommend it, I’m absolutely going to reorder it. Makes loads too.

Shaz Gray
1 week ago

Just amazing. They really immpresed me and kids.

1 week ago

Chips & Wedges seasoning is awesome. Tried to do it myself, but this blend is perfect, and really makes chips / wedges taste superb. Good job people!!!!

Tony Roberts
1 week ago

Order a few to see how they taste and they are amazing! Even got 4 members of my family to order some. Fantastic service and super quick delivery Thankyou

Chloe edmunds