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The Fakeaway Collection

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Complete with 24 Meal kits, Rubs and Curries and includes JD Seasonings Burger boxes, Chips & Wedges cartons, Cups, Lids, Straws, Grease-proof paper and Presentation box

Amazing value – get a total of 24 meal kits.

Recreate your favourite takeaway with our fakeaway collection complete with Burger boxes, Chips & wedges cartons, Cups, Lids, Paper Straws, Grease-proof paper and presentation box.

The Fakeaway Collection includes 24 of our most popular Fakeaway Meal kits, Rubs and Curries from our range.
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Includes the following seasonings and accessories

8 x Burger boxes
8 x Chips & Wedges cartons
8 x Cups
8 x Lids
8 x Paper Straws
8 x Grease-proof paper sheets
1 x Presentation box

2 x Chips & Wedges
2 x Doner kebab
2 x Burger blend
2 x Bolognese
2 x Fajita
2 x Taco
2 x Chicken rub
2 x Salt & Pepper chips
2 x Piri Piri
2 Minted Lamb
2 x Jalfrezi
1 x Balti
1 x Bombay potatoes


Excellent price and a great package, I can’t wait for Saturday to have a proper home made fakeaway. We have already tried lots of these meals and they are the best. I no longer have a cupboard full of once only used spices that are out of date.

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