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How to host the perfect Bonfire Night feast!

Bonfire Night is one of the cosiest times of the year, with cool dark nights perfect for stunning firework displays and huge, warming bonfires. Whether you’re planning to host a bonfire night party, or you want to take a dish to one you’re attending, we have some great suggestions to help you create the most delicious feast. From delicious seasonal veggies to bonfire treats, it’s a great night to gather your friends and family and eat some wonderfully warming food together.

Sausage casserole

Using one pot of our sausage casserole spice mix and delicious less than 5% fat sausages, you can create a hearty dish. Cooked together with our seasoning, the vegetables and meat will create a delicious warming dish that your guests will devour. Serve your casserole with jacket potatoes, or a dish of roast potatoes and a choice of seasonal vegetables including butternut squash and cabbage.

Cajun meatballs

Another classic autumn dish full of rich, warming flavours that your family and friends will love coming into from the cold. You can make your meatballs with one pot of JD Cajun seasoning and either pork or beef mince and serve with grated parmesan and pasta. These meatballs are a great dish to pre-cook before your guests arrive, as the richness from the sauce will absorb into the meatballs, giving them an even more succulent texture.

Chilli con carne

No bonfire night feast would be complete without some delicious chill con carne, made with lean beef mince and a pot of our chilli con carne seasoning. Serve with rice, tortilla chips or jacket potatoes to complete the dish.

One of the best things about these dishes is they use several of the same ingredients to create their base sauce, including onion, garlic, low-calorie cooking spray, carrots, and herbs. This means you can stock up on your ingredients and split them out across a few dishes, giving your guests plenty of choice!

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Fireworks at Bonfire Night Feast