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The history of the doner kebab

The doner kebab as we know it today is a staple fast food sold on street corners all around the world. It’s easy to assume, due to its mass popularity and global consumption, that it came into existence hundreds of years ago and has been enjoyed ever since. However, the opposite is true.

Where did it all begin?

The doner kebab (or more accurately the döner kebab) first came into existence in 1972, where it was first sold in West Berlin, just across the road from the popular Bahnhof Zoo. However, contrary to immediate belief, the doner kebab is not of German origins, but instead, its roots can be traced back to Turkish descent.

The doner’s creator, Kadir Nurman, was a Turkish worker who, in 1960, joined tens of thousands of other Turkish workers who emigrated to Stuttgart in order to join the German labour force. 6 years later he moved to Berlin where he worked in the printing business for a further 6 years until his idea was born. He noticed that, despite the abundance of workers in Berlin, there was not enough great-tasting and filling on-the-go food that could be purchased.

Nurman was inspired by Turkish royalty who, for many years, had been accustomed to being served great quality meats on skewers along with rice and vegetables. He decided to mimic the idea but tailor it for the masses, by offering it in a rolled up bread called Durum. This made it more affordable and, more importantly, made it easy to eat on-the-go.

How do you correctly prepare a kebab?

Today, a kebab is enjoyed in various forms but, most popularly, it is served in a white pitta with sliced vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce and onion. For many, the doner kebab is a staple of their diet, but some are concerned over the healthiness of eating such a meal so frequently. However, there is a tastier and healthier way to enjoy this sought after treat.

At JD Seasonings we have recently launched our very own Doner kebab spice kit. The kit allows you to prepare your own great-tasting Doner kebabs from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of what it might cost you at a takeaway. Better yet, all ingredients are 100% natural and there are absolutely no added preservatives. It’s time to enjoy this German-Turkish classic and do so in a much healthier way.