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Put a bit of sunshine on your plate!

Whatever the time of year, the delicious aroma of Jamaican jerk pork, chicken, fish and beef will tempt the tastebuds. It’s a little bit of sunshine on your plate, that’s not only exceedingly moorish, but is also a healthy, low fat option.

So where did Jerk originate from?

During the early seventeenth century, when the British took slaves to Jamaica to work in the sugar and coffee plantations, a group of these slaves fled to the mountains and were named the Maroons. They would blend an array of herbs and spices that they used to marinate their meat before cooking. It was named ‘Jamaican Jerk’ and is now recognised worldwide.

Our Jamaican jerk rub

Our Jamaican jerk rub is jam-packed with flavour and made with 100% natural ingredients. Cook with the knowledge that there’s no sugar or other hidden extras, just a blend of pure spices to add a tasty zing to your meal. Simply dry rub the wonderful spices onto your meat or fish and cook! There’s no need to use oil, but if you do, we recommend using only a low calorie cooking spray.

Jamaican jerk is a national treasure in Jamaica. The jerk meat or fish is often accompanied by ‘rice and peas'. Rice and peas is a coconut rice with red kidney beans. It’s a meal equivalent to a British Sunday roast and considered a speciality.

In BBQ season, try something a little different and cook your meat or fish on the BBQ with Jamaican jerk rub. The aroma that will fill the air will be divine. Whilst it's slowly cooking, sit back, sip your favourite drink, close your eyes and imagine you're miles away sitting on a powder white sand beach. It’s not just a low fat recipe for the summer though, in the winter months, when the BBQ is safely tucked away for another year, slow cooked jerk in the oven creates a really healthy meal with a difference.

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