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Delicious, healthy steaks in no time

A well cut, high quality piece of steak is a beautiful thing, especially if you season and cook it to perfection. Steaks are the ideal choice if you want a quick but delicious dinner, as the meat can be fried up within minutes - far more luxurious than a ready meal, we think you’ll agree!

Better yet, when you use low calorie cooking spray and lean meat, steak doesn't have to be an unhealthy option. Add some delicious sides to your steak and you have the perfect meal for a relaxed weekend evening or a quick dinner party dish.

Have a look at our recipe below to learn how to cook a juicy, succulent steak:

1. Season the steak

First, start by seasoning your chosen steak with JD Seasonings Steak rub. This spice and herb blend has been expertly created to compliment steaks and contains salt, pepper, oregano, cumin, paprika, garlic granules and onion powder - all natural ingredients and nothing more.

Rub the as much or as little of the spice blend into one side of the steaks and then into the other.

2. Cook the steak

Heat a pan over a high heat and add some low calorie cooking spray or a small amount of healthy oil, such as olive oil. Place the steaks in the pan. Once the steaks are cooked on one side, turn the heat down to medium and flip the steaks onto the other side. Don’t shake the pan as this will prevent the steaks from cooking correctly.

Our steak cooking times are based on a sirloin steak which is 2cm thick, so adjust to your meat. For a rare steak, cook for one and a half minutes each side. For medium, cook for two minutes each side and for well done, cook three minutes on each side. Remove your steaks from the pan and allow to rest for a few minutes.

3. Serve!

We recommend serving your steak with JD Seasonings Chips and wedges, tomatoes and mushrooms, a classic that everyone will love. You could also buy ciabatta rolls for steak sandwiches and load on low fat cheese, onions and salad. Whatever you cook, JD Seasonings has a spice blend to suit lots of recipes.

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